The Georgia Association of DUI School Owners is a service organization committed to the support and advancement of our member companies, their staff and all DUI students.

The Georgia Association of DUI School Owners, GADSO, is a non-profit, mutual benefit organization, formed as an association in 2010 and incorporated in 2014. GADSO is self-supported through membership dues, association activities, and contributions.

GADSO seeks to promote understanding, improvement, and at times the preservation, of driving-under-the-influence programs in Georgia State.

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and professions with common goals. Our membership includes: educators, business people, citizen activists, district attorneys, drug and alcohol professionals, highway safety professionals, probation and parole officers, law enforcement officials, members of the judiciary, medical personnel, students and others.

GADSO mission is to reduce unhealthy competition; evaluate and enhance the services offered by our members and others in DUI and Treatment programs throughout the state.

The Association was created to form and develop relationships with DUI schools throughout the state. These relationships will make the Association a leader in the fight to reduce DUI deaths and injuries:

  • Promoting higher public awareness and understanding
  • Training highway safety personnel
  • Coordinating a statewide network of DUI-related groups and agencies
  • Developing and distributing resource materials
  • Providing quality assurance for the ignition interlock program
  • Assisting with law enforcement activities
  • Supporting local and community volunteers and organizations
  • Providing technical support
  • Coordinating the state MADD office
  • Maintaining an effective alcohol highway safety system
Insure that necessary services are being accessed by those in the most need.

Develop and implement new programs and services as unmet needs within the community are identified and as resources allow.

Members BenefitsPartners Support Community Charities

serves as the President is the Treasurer of Georgia Association of Dui School Owners.

Any agency or organization which operates a state-licensed driving under the influence program in the State of Georgia is eligible to apply for Organizational Membership in the Georgia Association of DUI School Owners. Any agency or organization that has more than one licensed DUI program (licensed or satellite) must enrol all of its programs.